3 Ways Vaping Helps Overcome Nicotine Addition

Nicotine addiction. It is a serious subject, as it is one of the easiest things for someone to get addicted to.

Despite the anti-smoking campaign efforts, there are plenty of people that are still smoking cigarettes. But, it comes with a price. Besides your health, it costs a person who smokes a pack a day about $2,292 per year.

That can be a vacation. That can be a month’s rent.

So, what can you do about it? One of the best alternatives is vaping.

How does vaping help you overcome a nicotine addiction? These are three ways.

1. Reduces Anxiety

One of the biggest things smokers struggle with is anxiety. Smokers often use cigarettes for some stress relief, but the catch is once you get dependent on the nicotine, you start getting physical anxiety if you go long enough without smoking.

This is often part of withdrawal. But, vaping can reduce this significantly while getting you off of nicotine.

Vapes normally have e-liquid that has a pleasant smell attached. So, instead of smelling regular smoke that most people think stinks, you can smell watermelon, peanut butter, grape, and more.

The smell is meant to be a therapeutic one that is not only pleasant on the nose but is also meant to relax you. In other words, you can still get the stress relief you seek from cigarettes, but without nicotine and tobacco.

2. More Discrete

With the anti-smoking push over the years, most cigarette smokers are forced to smoke outside. In some large event venues, it is banned entirely whether it is outdoors or not.

Vaping devices like this vape product can grant you more access to smoking indoors. Granted, more and more places are starting to ban vaping indoors as well.

But, it is still reasonable to say that it is more accepted than smoking cigarettes indoors. Plus, the pleasant smell of a vape is much less likely to garner a complaint from those around you than a cigarette.

This alternative provides you with discretion and opens more doors for you to use this in places you just can’t smoke a cigarette.

3. Sensation of Smoking

Let’s face it, part of the appeal for cigarette smokers is to put a cigarette between their fingers, take in some smoke, and try to relax.

Part of the difficulty of quitting is losing the whole process that gets you to relax. Well, with vaping, you can do most of this without the nicotine.

You will have to get used to not having the nicotine, but you can lean back against the wall or sit on that bench, and take in some of the e-liquid.

Vaping can help you simulate the sensation of smoking. And, this is especially crucial during the early stages of getting off nicotine. That is because it takes about 48 hours for your body to be nicotine-free.

So, especially in the early stages, anything that can help you get past the need for nicotine is a good option.

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Has this motivated you to consider vaping instead of smoking? Do you feel like you have a nicotine addiction?

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