Erik Horbacz is the original serial entrepreneur. He has always been interested in business and started to pursue this as a career as soon as he came out of college. Specifically, he attended Coastal Carolina University, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics. Since then, he developed himself into a highly professional entrepreneur and businessman and he is respected across a range of different industries for his skills and knowledge, and particularly for his great leadership. Today, he is the founder and CEO of StoolDuel Inc., his latest entrepreneurial venture, which he was able to fund through a very successful crowdfunder.

On Erik Horbacz

Erik has been successfully developing companies for the past decade, during which time he’s set himself apart as an excellent leader. He has focused strongly on obtaining transferable skills, which is why he has been able to venture into many different industries. This includes SaaS Project Development, Business Management, Food and Beverage Management, and more. But his main interest lies in starting up new companies and setting strategies to help them become successful. StoolDuel Inc. is a perfect example of how he aims to achieve that.

However, Horbacz isn’t only interested in the strategic part of entrepreneurship, but also the psychology of business. This is why he has learned a great deal about neuropsychology, neuroscience, behavioral psychology, philosophy, and psychology. He applies all this knowledge to his leadership and entrepreneurship, focusing on the psychology and behavioral elements of people management.

The first business he started was the Might as Well Bar & Grill, which was in 2009. This was hugely successful and the business is now developing into a chain. Erik hasn’t quite left it behind, continuing to advise and consult the current managers on how to proceed. Clearly, he has always had an interest in the food and beverage industry, but he is equally interested in software. Those two passions are what he has combined when founding StoolDuel Inc.

On StoolDuel Inc.

StoolDuel Inc. is an app that focuses specifically on the hospitality industry. People can play games on location and earn rewards within the establishments. Those rewards can then be turned into free meals and drinks, collectibles, or anything else that the establishment is willing to offer. Essentially, Horbacz has been able to combine all the things he loves into one. The entrepreneurship and business side of the industry, the fact that it is about software and technology, and the fact that it is all about people. After all, the hospitality industry is about bringing people together and spending time together.

It is expected that StoolDuel Inc. will do just as well as all of Erik’s other ventures. More and more businesses have already started to sign up, and this could go national, if not global. Users have similarly already expressed an interest in using the app, which has already been downloaded many times. Erik is excited about seeing it in action wherever he goes and is working towards further raising interest.