While typically illegal, Human Growth Hormone does have its uses in medical practice. This hormone is usually produced by the body and aids younger people with sufficient growth into adulthood. A lack of this can be a leading cause of height abnormalities. 

When a lack of HGH is discovered in a child or adolescent, it is possible for them to receive HGH through medical means. This should only ever be prescribed and administered by a legally trained medical professional. Anything otherwise may be counterfeit and could cause severe harm. Even legitimate HGH side effects can be severe, with an increased likelihood of weight gain, or swelling of the arms and legs are just some effects that an individual will need to be aware of. 

Help with Growth

Having problems with your height at a young age can be rectified with HGH. Not only can this potentially have an effect on your overall health as you grow, but being short in stature can also lead to bullying and heightism, both as a child and well into adulthood. Receiving the treatment early on can ensure that you are getting the hormones that your pituitary gland should be producing, so you will be more likely to reach your proper, fully grown height. 

Short Bowel Problems

Short Bowel problems are usually caused by surgery, such as that to aid with Crohn’s Disease. While this may help alleviate symptoms of one problem, it brings on its own issues, such as diarrhea, weight loss, fatigue, and pain. 

One of the treatments available to help combat this is HGH injections. These can provide some important short term benefits, such as the ability to gain weight that was lost, as well as properly take in nutrition. Otherwise, one of the only real permanent solutions for short bowel syndrome is a transplant, which may not be possible due to not finding a match or being unsuitable for surgery. Due to this, HGH is highly beneficial.  

Muscle Wastage

Illnesses such as HIV or AIDS can cause severe muscle wastage, which can limit your day to day activities. For those with such illnesses, a way to try and repair their muscles, as well as to enhance the growth and protection of bones, tissues, and fat is through HGH. This can make all the difference for someone who may otherwise lose their quality of life.

HGH has been known to be used in other circumstances. Some individuals believe that it can reverse the aging process, however, this has not been medically proven. Likewise, some believe that they can obtain HGH from other, non-medical vendors, for use for both medical and aesthetic reasons. It is important to note that this is probably not legitimate HGH, and may cause problems or have adverse side effects.

HGH should only ever be prescribed and administered by a registered doctor, and all other types should be avoided. Speaking to a doctor and allowing them to look at your condition and treatment options is the only way to know if HGH is suitable for you.