It is often very hard to determine what could be causing that bug or rodent infestation in your home. Once we know that something is there as we have heard the noises and smelt the smells we are left feeling very uneasy and a little sickly. It is very hard to completely avoid this occurrence especially when you live near fields in the Countryside or in an old house with various holes and nooks and cranny’s.

The first important step is to find out where they are coming from. If you are unable to do this yourself, you can call on professionals such as Baystate Wildlife, who have lots of tricks of the trade of animal control to enable them to establish where the problem is stemming from. It will be a positive experience.

The usual causes are that the pests hitched a ride on something that you brought into the home, they have come inside due to weather changes or a change of habitat outside, such as an area being cleared to build houses. Rodents will often look for a more pleasant environment to spend the Winter months.

The opposite reason can also draw them in, this is a lack of moisture outside, in times of extreme sunshine there may be a drought. Basically, any change in their environmental ecosystem will affect the wild animal population and they will look for the closest, friendliest new place to go.

They may have been there since you moved in, but they may now have multiplied and are becoming more apparent and affecting you and your family more than they were before.

You may have inadvertently created their perfect breeding ground a moist dark corner or a wood chip garden may attract certain types of critters. Baystate Wildlife will be able to inform you of this straight away, they know their bugs and rodents and they will be able to advise you on what is making your property so attractive and they will be able to confirm how you can eliminate the risk of them breeding in your home.

How Do You eliminate the Problem?

Keeping areas clean and tidy, ensuring that no crumbs are left or that produce is left unwrapped with doors or windows open are all great pieces of advice, that would be given to you by the extremely friendly and efficient staff at Baystate wildlife.

The stars at Baystate Wildlife would recommend sticky traps for insects or spiders, this will also help both you and the customer service experts at Baystate Wildlife determine just how big the problem is.

If you have a problem, you will regret not contacting Baystate Wildlife and don’t forget to spread the word, once you have had the fabulous service and received the excellent information from Baystate Wildlife, you need to tell everyone you know. Leave reviews on their websites and social media sites such as Facebook. Tell your friends how good their customer service was and how efficient they were and that they are the number one pest control agency in Canton, Massachusetts.