News applications are huge right now and trendy because they make information easily accessible in whatever field you want to read on or research on. You can install these applications on your phone, and the best part is that most of these news applications are free. Here are some of the best news applications worldwide if you are looking to stay in the know.


Twitter has proven for years that it is a giant at the front of breaking news. It is an exciting and addictive outlet for news and entertainment. The simplicity of the app is what makes it such a good app for getting news as they happen. In today’s world, the first thing people do in a scene of a developing story is tweet about and all it takes is several retweets and the news spread like bushfire. This has led Twitter to beat other news outlets on so many groundbreaking stories. The perfect thing about this app is that you don’t have to actively participate in tweeting. You can just use the app as a source for news by following journalists and influencers for the inside scoop long before it gets to other news broadcasters.


Feedly is a top news mobile application that brings together information from other sources for anyone interested to read and learn. It is available for both android and apple users. Feedly app presents an article in short version but links users to the original articles in case someone is interested to read the whole article.

Feedly is definitely for you if you love exploring new content. It has an explore function for those looking to read far and wide. In addition to that, this application tracks down what you have been reading and bookmarks it for you in case you ever need to refer back.


Reddit is an application to look out for. Posts in this application are arranged into subtopics known as subreddits according to content with topics ranging from nature, pictorial comedy, different cuisines, technology, etc. Reddit basically has something for everyone.


This list would not be complete without Google. This is the most famous internet related service. Besides being a search engine where you can get news in seconds about any topic you want; it offers mail services, you can share videos, you can organize and edit your pictures, and it allows you to take and keep notes among many other things. Googles mission has been to make the world’s information in all aspects accessible and useful to all its users. It really is no hyperbole that google is your friend.


Flipboard is an excellent application for magazine lovers because Flipboard mobile app compounds information from other websites and blogs and turns that information into an online magazine. Flipboard gives you this fantastic notion that you are flipping through a real magazine as it allows you to ‘flip’ through content such advertisement photos and any other content shared on the application. Flipboard is the application for you if you are looking to stay informed.

  1. CIRCA

Circa is a top American news service that features news with bits of information. Circa is available for iPhone users. This app helps you stay on the news without feeling overwhelmed with content on the website. Circa is planning to launch the app for Android users so as to be more inclusive. This applications way of passing news is simple and straight to the point. It obtains news from other sources but summarizes the content into short, simple straightforward points that you can accommodate without being overwhelmed with information. Circa is an excellent top news app if you are looking to stay and be in the know.