There are more cannabis dispensaries popping up every day giving customers a large variety of shopping options. In fact, the search results for “cannabis dispensary near me” can be a bit overwhelming.

In 2020 there were an estimated 7,490 dispensaries in America. That’s a lot of choices! However, not all dispensaries operate with the same quality.

Are you wondering how to choose the right cannabis dispensary for you? The following guide will help you choose the best location to buy marijuana products from the best shops near you!

1. Product Variety

People buy cannabis for a variety of reasons and a quality dispensary will offer products for everyone. Some customers are browsing for medicinal purposes and others browse for recreational purposes. 

Traditional cannabis flower just scratches the surface of available products these days. Edibles, topicals, concentrates, and tinctures can also be found in any shop with a good selection. 

A quality shop should also have products organized on an easy-to-read menu. It should include valuable information to the customer about the product like THC and CBD percentages, terpenes, and aromatic compounds.

2. Helpful Staff

There are so many terms and products that even seasoned cannabis buyers need help selecting products sometimes. Find a dispensary that is welcoming, helpful, and doesn’t make you feel hesitant to ask questions.

The goal of cannabis is to make the user feel better and the buying experience shouldn’t add anxiety. In other words, find a shop with good vibes!

3. Competitive Prices

You might have noticed that prices fluctuate quite a lot from one shop to another. That can have to do with product quality, potency, and even taxes from state to state.

Although, some shops charge more if they don’t have a lot of nearby competition. Look up product reviews for fair prices if you think a dispensary’s prices are too high.

Some shops have different sales and promotions for different days of the week or holidays. Dispensaries like Harvest House of Cannabis even offer reward programs for return customers.

4. Payment Types Accepted

A lot of dispensaries only accept cash. Some banks still have to follow federal laws that aren’t favorable for the cannabis industry. This makes credit and debit options unattractive for shops. 

However, more shops are starting to accept card payments as pro-cannabis legislation is passed. Just make sure you know what’s accepted at the dispensary you choose. Some shops have ATMs if you don’t have cash.

5. Customer Reviews

Read what other fellow cannabis users have to say about nearby shops. This is especially helpful if you’re out of town. Reviews can offer insight into the product quality, prices, and customer service of a dispensary.

If you’re looking for a local option try asking friends, family, or anyone you know that’s been a customer of a nearby shop.

Cannabis Dispensary Near Me

Now you can search “cannabis dispensary near me” with confidence! You know what to look for and what to consider when picking a dispensary for your needs and budget.

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