It’s not what you know, it’s who you know has always been the way ahead in business. That is why corporate networking events are of the utmost importance. When you are planning an event, it is essential that you start with strong foundations. It is the age-old adage that you will spread the word if you have been to a disastrous event and this will never be allowed to be forgotten. David Gordon Fried is one of the best in the business and these are the things that he would focus on to ensure a successful. In New York it is very big business and requires you to be extra vigilant at all times.

It is an area where you do not need experience or a certain qualification.  A lot of what is required is based upon how you interact with people and the connections that you have and your innovative nature. Marketing knowledge can be an advantage but not a necessity.

At the beginning you may just want to focus on one area of the event such as event decoration and offer your services to others as a bespoke package. This will be of benefit as it will help you learn invaluable knowledge of the events world and it will enable you to network with all different kinds of companies from investment brokers to wedding organizers. You may just want to involve yourself in one type of event such as leisure events or cultural events such as those put on by a museum. If there is an area where you have had experience, even just from your home life, then this could be a really good place to start.

A creative mind will ensure that your events are remembered and discussed in the market place and this is the key to a successful event.

You will need to stay calm in a crisis, you will be dependent on other people and this can bring issues as circumstances may prevent them from committing what they had promised.

Google as much as you can, find out what other companies charge and what they do. Join their Facebook pages and stalk their photos. Check out their prices, work out how you can be as equally competitive.

Conduct some online surveys they are very cheap and can link into your web or Facebook pages.

Ask people what they would want from an event planning company.

Come up with a name that won’t go unnoticed and a logo and branding to match it. Make sure it has not been used before and register it.

Work out your pricing strategy to ensure that you are not out of pocket but that you are not pricing yourself out of the market. Do not be afraid to undercut at first to gain business and contacts.

Ensure that all of your legal requirements are covered, check with your state to ensure that you obtain all of the correct licenses and insurances that you may require.

Have fun with it!