According to recent statistics, a staggering 40 percent of Americans have never been overseas. If you’re one of them and you’re keen to correct that, there may be certain things that you’re worried about.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at some common myths about traveling abroad so that you can feel more secure about your future travels.

Are you ready to learn more about going abroad and the travel essentials you need to bear in mind? Then read on!

1. Traveling Abroad Isn’t Dangerous

Well, not unless you go to dangerous places! While we wouldn’t advise that you go to Afghanistan, Somalia, or Libya, large swathes of the world are as safe, if not safer, than the United States.

Countries like the UK, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, and Italy, to name a few, are all very safe destinations for an American traveler. While we’d recommend researching your destination before you go, there’s no reason to worry about safety unnecessarily. If you’re not traveling to a wartorn nation or one with an active terrorist insurgency, you’re almost certain to be fine.

2. You Can’t Afford to Travel Abroad

Traveling abroad can be expensive but it can also be surprisingly affordable. Airlines often run discounted fares and there are numerous mailings lists that will keep you in the loop about these deals.

Even if you can’t get a reduced flight price, you may be able to get a lower fare by stopping over at another airport on the way to your final destination. 

Hotels can be surprisingly affordable too. If you can get a great deal, you can keep these prices down too. For instance, if you book these hotels, you can get a fantastic room at a great price.

3. You May Need More Than English

While English is very widely spoken around the world, including in non-anglophone countries like the Netherlands, you should still attempt to learn a few words in your destination’s native language. 

Not only will this help you get around, but it will also show a level of respect for the country and its people. You don’t want to be the American tourist stereotype: be polite, courteous, and interested!

4. You Need Travel Insurance

It’s easy to forget about travel insurance when you’re getting excited about your trip to a new country. However, no matter where you’re going, buying travel insurance is a necessity. 

Travel insurance will prevent you from having to pay for medical treatment abroad, will cover any baggage that you lose, and can even cover cancellation costs. Travel insurance is absolutely essential when you’re abroad, so don’t pass up on it: make sure that you’re protected.

Smart Travel Is the Way to Go

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this look at myths about traveling abroad. We hope that you now feel a bit happier about going abroad: there’s a whole world waiting for you out there. Now it’s time to go and explore it!

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