Michael Vick stands out as quite an amazing athlete, even if he did have legal troubles. At one point he was an exciting and explosive player but ended up spending 2 years in prison, away from the league. What was really interesting then is that he did get back to the NFL and managed to regain the entire overall athletic ability. Ryan Grigson highlights how he managed to do that.

Michael Vick’s Workouts

Vick did focus on cardio workouts like HIIT, swimming and running in order to increase his endurance and boost the metabolism. Then, he started doing obstacle courses, agility workouts and even parachute sprints. Such workouts can be simulated in most gyms, with the use of a stationary bike or a treadmill. It is important to star all lifting days with some biking even if you do not do cardio since muscles have to be properly warmed up.

Many bodyweight workouts were added, like dips, burpees, mountain climbers, push-ups and crunches. These followed cardio workouts, being performed in 20 – 40 sets in order to combine muscular endurance with raw strength and boost results. Stretching will be really important as it improves circulation and can strengthen muscles.

Besides what was mentioned, weight training stands out as a vital part of the workout. The main exercises that have to be included in a football player’s plan include squats, overhead presses, power cleans and bench presses. The goal is to basically build muscle while developing highly explosive power. Lifting around 3 times weekly and a deadlifting session added per week will help so much more than anticipated. Just make sure enough rest happens between the sets and that when you are not working out you actually do rest.


Having the best possible diet is really important to build a very strong body. Michael Vick only managed to get back because of combining proper nutrition with workouts. Eating up to 1.5 protein grams per bodyweight pound is always necessary. You can find protein in various foods like chicken, red meat, nuts, tuna and chicken. You want to eat many leafy greens like arugula and spinach. Steady fruits servings will offer natural sugars and great amino acids that the body always needs. You can supplement the protein content you get from your meals through shake supplements. This gives you a boost to your metabolism and energy.

All the athletes that want to have a body like Vick’s need extra supplements, especially nitric oxide. This helps boost muscle blood flow and offers muscles what is necessary to lift even more, heal much faster, generate extra power and then grow larger. Various studies showed that nitric oxide was linked with dramatic strength and muscular mass improvements.


To sum up, be sure that you learn from what professional athletes do. You want to be sure that they train in a highly effective way and that you work with coaches whenever you are told that something should be improved. Vick is a great example of being able to follow your dreams through hard work and proper workouts.