The success of a digital marketing firm and the essence of a social media campaign in 2018 is that you want your product to go viral. This is the way to achieve the most media attention in one swoop, with a fairly minimal cost if you compare it to billboard and TV advertising of old. Social media has to be accepted as one of the advertising platforms of our age to most demographics, but certainly to the under 50s and perhaps beyond.

So what brings about a viral reaction. You must grab your target audience and give them something that they want to share with their peers or friends. As we know from what we might share online, it has to be entertaining as well as informative, in fact the funnier the better. It has to give us something that we will want and that we won’t be afraid to share with our friends. It has to provoke an emotive reaction in us, whether that be sadness, annoyance or a bell laugh. Check with the digital marketing firm in questions as regards the biggest shares they have had on their work.

Digital marketers are aware of all that there is to gain from advertising your product online. So it is therefore that every companies marketing department either has a digital marketing expert or they need to outsource this to a company who knows how to get the most from it. If you need to outsource you need to ensure that you pick the right company for you both on an individual level and in terms of their culture being in line with your company’s culture.

You need to ensure that you can get along with them and speak frankly to them. You need to ensure that they are trustworthy and that their beliefs and morals are aligned with yours.

Finding a good agency for you is probably about locating one that has some really good ideas of how to make a start on promoting your company. They should be coming to initial meetings, before they are hired showing you what they think would work for you. They should know your demographic and target audience and they should know and explain how to reach them. They should also be able to confirm to you how they can prove to you that they have done their job effectively.

You should check that they have worked in your field or industry before  and ask them what they learnt from this and what they will use for your campaign. Relevant, successful work in your industry is a must. You could even contact the previous company or companies and ask them for some honest feedback. If they were happy with the work they will only tell you about the positives.

You also need the company to understand what your company does, who you are, your ethics and beliefs and they should be ready to showcase all of this via Facebook, your website, blogs and much, much more.