employer health plans

As an employer it is your responsibility to give your employees benefits which can help them in their lives and for many that includes a health plan. Now of course not all companies offer such plans but if you are able to then you can really reap the rewards and create a far happier and attractive culture in the workplace. If you are in any doubt about how to put this together or what to include then you can easily find a summary plan description for employer health plans online, as well as many companies who can offer this service for you. When you do introduce a plan such as this, here are just some of the benefits which you can count on.


A 2016 Aflac Workplace Report found that 60% of people would take a job which had a lower salary than what they were currently making, if the position had a strong benefits package. What this means for you is that in putting together a health plan such as this you can help to both attract and recruit the very best. Many companies like to pump up the salaries yet offer minimal benefits and that has been shown to be something which people aren’t interested in as much as positions which come with an attractive package.


Attendance issues can cripple many businesses and this is why it is so important  that you are not only doing your bit to make sure that the staff are healthy, but also that they are happy. An employer-backed health plan will achieve both of these goals and it will ensure that the staff have access to great health care, and having this access will help them to be less stressed and ultimately happier in working for you. A workforce which is damaged by poor attendance can begin a vicious cycle of staff being over-worked, levels of productivity decreasing which in turn affects morale.

Lower Stress

The American Institute for Stress has regularly told us that that workplace is one of the biggest contributors to stress and also one of the biggest challenges that we face from a health perspective. As we know mental stress can have dangerous consequences on people ranging from poor focus and organization, lower energy levels and even in some cases it can negatively affect a person’s physical health. In creating a healthcare plan for your workforce you can be contributing towards a happier and more relaxed environment which as a result can help to greatly lower stress levels in the workplace.


Companies must live by their reputation and if you want to be known as a caring and ethical company then the very least that you can do is to ensure that your team have access to good medical care. Reputations are very important in business and this is a great way of letting the world know what kind of operation it is that you are running.