Workforce management (commonly referred to as WFM) is basically a set of processes that take into account the fact that businesses need to manage the entire workforce in order to run efficiently and smoothly. Really good WFM solutions have to be utilized in order to be sure that business aspects contribute to all operations, including forecasting, workforce planning and more. Without workforce management it is really difficult to deal with what is needed for companies to efficiently operate.

The Connection Between Operational Efficiency And Workforce Management

One of the most important things for a business is to run as efficiently as possible. Workforce management actually helps with this so much more than what many expect. Specialists will use many different available options, like finding workforce through applications like ShiftPixy, in order to find the best possible talent and deal with some of the needs of interested applicants.

When you optimize workforce management you basically optimize the entire efficiency of the workforce you have access to. As your workers are more active and work better, the business manages to be more efficient and increase profits.

Why Is Workforce Management Necessary?

WFM is vital for business success since it helps balance out operations while making sure that people managing operation aspects have the levels needed to perform tasks in an efficient and safe way. Mistakes are minimized and output is optimized. At the same time, workforce management will guarantee that the appropriate resources number and skills mix will be present on site in order to boost efficiency and output.

The problem is that many businesses do not actually know that much about workforce management. If you are inexperienced, the common tips that can help overcome associated challenges include:

  • Cross-train employees in order to guarantee proper heavy workload transfer as overall resource efficiency is maximized.
  • Coach, train and create a proper skill levels balance. The same thing should happen with leadership
  • Forecast so that you can ensure resources will not be wasted or overworked during normal seasonal fluctuations.
  • Makes sure that there is real-time, flexible WFM in place in order to balance extremes happening daily and during seasons. Do take advantage of those employees that take unpaid hours off as this minimizes the wasted resources while employee moral remains high.
  • Meeting times have to be wisely used in order to maximize performance, motivation while levering and capturing the key learnings into the future operations planning stages.
  • Always spend time on operations floors in order to monitor productivity, time management, trends, costs, leadership and anything that could impact workforce management. When you do this you can easily resolve numerous issues but you can also see the skills that are sometimes overlooked. Productivity can be boosted faster and better when you actually know what is happening where work is done.


On the whole, we are looking at workforce management being vital for all businesses, from small to large. Never ignore this or you are going to end up faced with huge operational problems that drastically reduce performance.