Why You Should Have Your Honeymoon in Macau

Out here in the west, Las Vegas is known as the mecca for gaming and casinos. In the east, that title belongs to the city of Macau. Preceded by its reputation as a gaming city, not many are aware that Macau is also one of the best places in the world for a romantic honeymoon. Filled with not just casinos but also restaurants, theaters, and historic sites that reveal the underlying roots of the city’s cosmopolitan culture, Macau is an interesting place, to say the least.

Since Macau has yet to open to foreigners, your travel plans might stay plans for the time being. However, planning your trip in advance can help you stay prepared once the borders reopen. Whether you want to follow an itinerary or just get lost in a beautiful city with the love of your life, here are some locations you’ll want to visit.

The Macau Tower

If you’re looking for a beautiful view of the metropolis, few can compare to the view at the top of the Macau Tower. Designed to hold up antennae, Poker.org states that the Macau Tower is 338 meters (1108.92 feet) tall, while the observation deck is 223 meters (731.6 feet) high. The elevator up to this public platform has large windows that give a nice preview of the full experience: a full 360-degree view of the city and Macau Bay. There’s even a cafe and an outdoor walking area for visitors.

A-Ma Temple

Originally called Ma Kok Miu, this historic site is one of the oldest temples in Macau. According to local historians, it’s where the city’s name came from. While Ma Kok Miu was built as a temple to the Chinese sea goddess Mazu, A-Ma Temple is now a place of worship for a cultural fusion of Confucian and folk mysticism. Whether you want to start your romantic tour by paying homage to the city’s roots, or end it here as a way of giving thanks, this gorgeous one-of-a-kind temple awaits.

The Historic Centre of Macau

This almost 40-acre UNESCO World Heritage Site is the perfect place for a romantic sunset or morning walk. In a nutshell, the Historic Centre of Macau is home to 20 different locations that tell the story of Portuguese cultural assimilation in the Chinese city. This is where you’ll find the architectural legacy of the city’s last couple centuries, which includes religious, residential, and public buildings of combined eastern and western roots. You’ll also find several restaurants and cafes within and around the area.

Bistro d’Indochine

Practically decorated for honeymoons and serving everything from tom yum and laksa to French wines, Bistro d’Indochine offers a romantic reprise from an afternoon of sightseeing. Designed like a neighborhood eatery in Paris and located in downtown Macau, this small resto is a nice place to have a quiet conversation while grabbing some authentic Macanese fusion cuisine.

Macau Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium

This more than 1000-capacity auditorium is known for some of the grandest performances in the city. Indeed, the Macau Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium has held concerts featuring the likes of the Macau Orchestra, acclaimed violinist Mengla Huang, and Guangzhou Orchestra principal conductor Jing Huan. There’s nothing quite as romantic as a night of classical music in one of Macau’s grandest stages.

Macau is also a short distance away from many other beautiful Asian cities. City lovers can hop on a ferry to bustling Hong Kong, while travelers looking for a more offbeat experience can fly to the enchanting Bangkok. Other romantic Asian destinations close to Macau include Hanoi, Bali, and Boracay.